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About Us

The Fresno Musical Club was founded in 1905. For eighty-one seasons, the Club presented a concert series which brought many world-class performers to Fresno. This important artist series established its role of leadership in the development of today's culturally thriving Central Valley. When it discontinued its artist series, the Fresno Musical Club turned its attention to encouraging and assisting young musicians with their educations and careers.

The Fresno Musical Club is a group of men and women of all ages who are trained musicians. As professional teachers and performers, many FMC members are active participants in local performance groups. They also teach numerous classes and private students and volunteer in the musical life of the community. The Club's Study Section continues to meet monthly, as it has since 1905, to provide and share enriching musical performances. Occasionally, the club invites the public to enjoy performances free of charge.

The majority of the Club's energy is focused on the Scholarship and Awards Program for young musicians. Each spring, the FMC offers one scholarship and several awards to qualified, classically trained and career-oriented young musicians. These awards are given from funds obtained from contributions, donations, grants, and memorial gifts. As funds become available, FMC continues to strive and grow to meet the financial needs of aspiring young musicians.

The Fresno Musical Club is always looking for new members who share our love of music and our goals to help aspiring young musicians.  We have various membership categories including active performers, as well as musicians who wish to attend meetings, join in our award endeavors, but not perform. 

Fresno Musical Club


Rachel Aldrich, President